We have a selection of anatomy models

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We have a selection of anatomy models

Anatomy Models


Life Sized Heart Model

This life sized heart can be removed from its base and split into two parts. Easy viewing of the chambers, valves, and major vessels. Labeled diagram included.


Life Sized Brain Model

Life sized model splits into eight parts and is sagittally sectioned; both halves can be separated into frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital lobes, half of the brain stem, and half of the cerebellum. The eight piece model rests in a plastic base and can be removed for closer inspection.


Eye Model

This six part plastic model, enlarged 4 times, displays muscles, blood vessels, optical nerve and other major features of the human eye. The eyeball is dissectable horizontally to reveal the retina, choroid and sclerotic. The iris/cornea unit is detachable. Convex lens magnifies and forms inverted images. Mounted onto a plastic base. 24cm tall. Labeled diagram included.