Books for astronomers for every level of interest

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Books for astronomers for every level of interest


The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide

– by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer

Our #1 best-selling astronomy book, it is full of excellent information for beginners to advanced star gazers. Information inside ranges from choosing the right telescope and accessories to astro-photography and CCD imaging. $49.95


– by Terence Dickinson

One of our most popular books for beginning astronomers. Written by a Canadian, with Canadian skies in mind. $29.95
Star-Hopping for Backyard Astronomers

– by Alan M. MacRobert

A great book for those interested in looking at the stars from the comfort of their own back yard. $30.99
Binocular Astronomy

– by Craig Crossen & Wil Tirion

Learn the sky with binoculars. A good start on your voyage through the wonders for the universe. $42.95



Making Your Own Telescope

– by Allyn J. Thompson

This is a comprehensive book for those who are interested in making their own telescope from start to finish. $20.95
The Deep Sky: An Introduction

by – Philip S. Harrington

What you are looking at and how to find what captures your imagination is explained in this book designed for use with the naked eye, binoculars, or telescopes. $35.95
A Traveler’s Guide to Mars: The Mysterious Landscapes of the Red Planet

– by William K. Hartmann

What is it about humanity’s interest in Mars? This guidebook takes you through a tour of the surface geology, history, and myth of the Red Planet. $14.95
Summer Stargazing
A Practical Guide for Recreational Astronomers

– by Terence Dickinson

This book by the authour of Nightwatch is full of stunning photographs and tips on what to see and when to see it during those short summer months. $18.95



Astrophotography: An Introduction to Film and Digital Imaging

– by H. J. P. Arnold

This is a book designed to help you on your way to taking pictures of those elusive objects in space. Learn about both SLR and digital photography. $19.95

Bright Star Atlas 2000.0

– by Wil Trion

Our most popular and very affordable star atlas. An excellent observing aid for naked eye, binocular, and telescope observing.
Uranometria 2000.0, Volume 1: Deep Sky Atlas, The Northern Hemisphere to -6°

– by Wil Tirion, Barry Rappaport and Will Remaklus

The popular northern hemisphere volume of the Uranometria trilogy. Very in depth. $67.95
Uranometria 2000.0, Volume 2: Deep Sky Atlas, The Southern Hemisphere to +6°

– by Wil Tirion, Barry Rappaport and Will Remaklus

The southern hemisphere volume of the Uranometria trilogy. Great to take on vacation south of the equator. $69.95



Uranometria 2000.0, Volume 3: Deep Sky Field Guide

– by Murray Cragin and Emil Bonanno

The field guide of the Uranometria trilogy. An excellent companion for planning your observing sessions. $80.99
Astronomy For Dummies

– by Stephen P. Maran

A great beginner book designed to teach all about dark skies, from the mythology behind the constellation names to the basics of star gazing with equipment. $28.99
Great Ideas for Teaching Astronomy

– by Stephen M. Pompea

An excellent aid for teachers, as well as for parents, for introducing astronomy to students of all ages. $40.99

Firefly Planisphere Deluxe

– by Storm Dunlop, Wil Tirion


A beautiful gift for the astronomer who has everything, this kit comes complete with a large, heavy paper planisphere, book, and case.


Moon Observer’s Guide

– by Peter Grego

An excellent guide to the moon, one of the best and brightest celestial objects for observation. $14.95