There are many excellent accessories for your telescope available from Celestron

Educational and interactive astronomy themed CD Roms to teach and learn from
Celestron eyepieces for all your stargazing needs

There are many excellent accessories for your telescope available from Celestron

Assorted Accessories

SkyScout Personal Planetarium – Hand held personal planetarium that identifies and locates objects in the night sky. 6,000 object database with audio descriptions of over 200 popular objects. Comes with earphones, carry case and strap, SD card expansion slot, and USB cable. $479.00
1.25″ Zoom Eyepiece – 8-24mm $90.00
1.25″ Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece $157.00
1.25″ 12.5mm Micro Guide Eyepice $251.00
1.25″ Eyepiece Offer – comes with 5 eyepieces (4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 15mm, and 32mm Plössls), 2x Barlow, 7 Planetary Filters, 1 Lunar Filter, and a padded aluminum carry case. $175.00
1.25″ Telescope Accessory Kit – comes with two 1.25″ Plössl eyepieces (12.5mm and 32mm), 2x Barlow, three planetary filters – #21, #56, and #80, a lunar filter, a red LED, battery-free flashlight, and an aluminum, padded carry case. $115.00
2″ Eyepiece Offer – comes with three E-Lux 2″ Eyepieces (26mm, 32mm, and 40mm), 2″ 2x Barlow Lens, Five 2″ Lunar & Planetary, 2″ Mirror Diagonal, and a padded aluminum carry case. $299.00
Binocular Viewer $285.00
AC Adapter – all models $24.95
Car Battery Adapter – all models $35.00
Power Tank 12v $70.00
Power Tank 17v $115.00
Tripod Wedge Nexstar 4GT and 5i $188.00
Tripod Wedge Nexstar 8i $188.00
Nexstar RS-232 Cable $27.00
Nexstar GPS Module 5i and 8i $293.00
NexRemote Telescope Controller $136.00
Motor Drive, AD for CG-4 mounts $139.00
Motor Driv, AD for CG-5 mounts $139.00
RS-232 Cable for Nexstar $49.00
GPS Accessory Kit – CN 16 for Advanced GT Telescopes $339.00
GPS Accessory Kit – CN16 for CGE Telescopes $309.00
NexRemote Telescope Control Software Package $129.00
NexRemote Telescope Control Software – CD Only $79.00
Digital Camera Adapter – Universal $59.00
NexImage – Solar System Imager $150.00
Reducer Lens for NexImage $29.00

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